Posted by: angelnorman | September 15, 2010


So just to keep you up-to-date on the Normans and possibly explain to you why I haven’t blogged as much recently:

– Nick is in both soccer and karate. This is taking up 4 out of 7 days a week. Awesome. He loves both activities so much though, and soccer only lasts till November.

– Nick is loving school, and the bully situation is now officially under control. Well, sort of. There’s been no more physical attacks- no pushing, knocking down, etc. However, Nick tried to extend the olive branch of peace to his bully by asking him to play with him, and the bully said, “No. I hate you!” So yeah, he’s still hatin’ on my kid, but we’re working on Nick to help him see that obviously that kid has issues if he hates Nick since Nick is by far the coolest most chillaxed kid I know 85% of the time.

– Nick has his first loose teeth. Both of his bottom front teeth are loose. He is steady wiggling them in the hopes of getting a visit from the tooth fairy, which btw, he called shenanigans on whenever I told him about her. He said, “Nuh-uh!” and asked me where she got her money and how she could fly while carrying money AND teeth. Smart kid.

-I am on the south beach diet now, day 3 of phase one. I get up every morning and cook myself breakfast– eggs and turkey bacon in some form. More often than not, I make it into a fritatta with spinach and cheese. Mmm. I used to think I would hate waking up and cooking but I sort of enjoy it, actually. It makes me feel special to have a hot breakfast each morning.

That’s really about it. Between all our activities, kindergarten, and family time, we are one busy little trio.



  1. when i was on adkins i made an awesome Quiche with eggs, cream, mushrooms, turkey sausage,cheese, ans spinach….yummmm and no carbs

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