Posted by: angelnorman | September 23, 2010

in the clouds

south beach day 10. i’ve managed to lose and keep off 7 lbs since beginning this diet. i have yet to get and stay under 220, which makes me so frustrated i can hardly see straight. in fact, it makes me want to down an entire pizza– extra cheesey, with deep dish crust and lots of garlic butter. i have so missed some of my favorite carbs, but others i have easily lived without. i miss chocolate on occasion. and i miss potatoes. i would almost kill someone for a large bowl of creamed potatoes and peas. but i miss pasta most of all because you know how i love my italian food.

still, despite my yoyo-ing, and as i was telling my friend ashley this morning, i am now officially at the lowest weight i’ve been since having nick almost 6 years ago.

and speaking of clouds, i saw the most precious cloud mobile while surfing the web yesterday (on some site that i thought i had bookmarked but did not… my bad). it has inspired me to re-think my boring bedroom. i have all these plans now for ways to “spruce it up” in there and i am so stoked to get paid tomorrow so i can go and buy my new bedding. Mike has no idea this is about to happen, but it is. OH IT IS.

no, i’m not making a cloud mobile for my room, but i am doing some cloud artwork. i will keep you posted on how that goes since you know, i can never finish projects in a timely fashion. 😉


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