Posted by: angelnorman | September 24, 2010

day 11… of 21.

What I’ve learned thus far on the SBD:

1. You need to love almost all veggies to survive on this diet. Now is not the time for pickiness. This rule is easy to abide by for someone like me, who loves almost every vegetable under the sun. Mike, on the other hand, has struggled with this. His list of acceptable and South Beach phase 1 approved vegetables is limited to salad greens, raw broccoli, and cooked green beans. He did manage to eat some diced tomatoes in a soup I made today, so he’s making progress. But I think everyone who goes on this diet needs to know from the beginning that vegetables are your friend.

And if you can’t find it in your heart to be friends with vegetables, then I’m sorry but I don’t think this diet is for you. 75% of my diet is vegetable-based right now. Just sayin’.

2. There are too many resources out there with conflicting information. Some SBD-resource sites claim peas to be okay on phase one, and some say carrots are okay too, but the consensus is that neither is okay in Phase One. The same goes for things that are fat free– some FF things are alright and other are not, like fat free sour cream or ranch dressing. Having resources online is super helpful; I find myself googling about phase one foods on a daily basis. It’s fast and accessible, plus it’s free! But it does have a downside– you can be overwhelmed by the conflicting viewpoints.

When you read the advice that urges you to read the book before beginning the diet, listen to it. Go out and buy the books. I have yet to do this and I’m on Day 11. Right about now I’m guessing you’re wondering why I don’t shutup and take my own advice. Well, please know that I have every intention of purchasing South Beach Diet Supercharged (the latest book with the most up-to-date information) as soon as I get myself to a bookstore. And also know that I have sabotaged myself by having carrots before I knew I wasn’t supposed to, and not looking for the lowest amount of sugar in my store-bought pasta sauce (which I put on chicken; not pasta.) So you see? Don’t go by my example!

I imagine that having the book before I began would have saved me so much time– and possibly helped me shed a few extra pounds. So far, I’m down only 9 pounds from where I began on day one… which is amazing, but I have a heck of a lot of weight to lose. Mike and I have decided to extend our phase one eating plan an extra week to even out the damage we did when we unwittingly ate some things that weren’t allowed.

3. Kalyn’s Kitchen is BY FAR the best resource I’ve come across not only for South Beach beginners but also for those who choose to follow the eating plan for the rest of their lives, like Mike and I do. Kalyn has invented, adapted, tested, and compiled a ton of South Beach Diet recipes on her site, all of which are easily printable and packed with goodness. Many a dinner has been planned thanks to the site. I love it. Since Mike and I are losing weight not just for our health and well-being but also for fertility purposes, I have made numerous jokes about naming our next born Kalyn in honor of the woman who has saved my butt these past 11 days, just by offering her info free to the world.

Unfortunately I cannot do that as ending my children’s first name with the letter “n” doesn’t work with out last name. Kalyn Norman? Too many “n”-s. I still love her though. She’s totally brill.


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