Posted by: angelnorman | September 29, 2010

more about how awesome i am.

sunday morning, 3 am, i woke up with a bunch of gunk in my left eye. it was a little irritated, so i rubbed it, a move i soon came to regret. i spent the next hour unable to go back to sleep because my eye burned as though something was in it. every time my eye closed, it hurt like hell. it wasn’t red, and my eyelashes were undisturbed, so i had a hard time trying to find anything on my eyeball that would be causing me any grief. i flushed it out with contact solution, then with water, and again with contact solution to no avail. i pulled up my eye lid, took a saline-saturated cotton q-tip to it, and tried in vain to remove whatever piece of funk was loose in my eye. finally, i just had to lay back down and hope and pray that my eye would be okay. four hours later, i woke up with a red, puffy left eye that was crusty and oozing.

pink eye. oh what a joyous disease it is. it later spread to my right eye, despite the fact that as soon as i could, i started taking antibiotics. today is day three of pink eye and i’m just now starting to feel better although i do believe i’m allergic to the drops he gave me. but maybe i’m not, i don’t know. when i put the drops in, it burns and stings, like he said it would if i were to “have a reaction” to the sulfa-based medication. but how much of that stinging is because my eyes are super irritated? that’s the part i’m not sure about. you’d think some stinging would be expected.

meanwhile then, my throat began hurting, my nose spent all of sunday flip-flopping from runny to stuffy, and my ears ached. i had a fever, chills, muscle aches, etc. when i went in on monday, i so expected to hear my doctor say i had strep, double ear infections, and a sinus infection on top of the pink eye. but apparently pink eye can come with a cold, can be transmitted like a cold via coughing and sneezing and people not washing their hands, etc. so i’m fine really though my throat is still very raw and my ears still ache a bit. and you know, my eyes itch like hell somewhere i can’t reach, like behind my eyeball or something. no amount of rubbing my once-crusty eyelashes seems to help.

in other news, i FINALLY made it under 220 this weekend. oh, when i stepped on that wii fit and let it measure me sunday morning, despite the puffy gross eyes and the general run-down feeling i had, was the happiest moment i’ve had in a while! i ran into the bedroom and said to michael, “omg! 218!” and he opened his eyes and smiled, then high-fived me. afterwards i said, “and um, i think i have pink eye.” then he was upset that i had high-fived him back. he got up and sanitized his hand at once.

i knew the moment i got out of the 220s would be grand. i haven’t done that in… uh… 6 years. when i gave birth, i weighed a whopping 248 lbs– by far the highest i had ever been. remember, i got pregnant at 201. i was already a big girl, but 248 lbs left me feeling quite miserable. i will never forget when my doctor came to weigh me the day after i had nick and i weighed 225 lbs. she laughed at me because i couldn’t believe i had dropped that much weight considering nick had only been 2 lbs and 3.5 ounces (not a typo.) “it’s amazing how much water you retain, huh?” she said.

it is, but it’s more amazing to know you’re losing more than water. i spent the last 6 years going back and forth from 242 (my highest non-pregnant weight) to 225. i never seemed to get passed 225, and when i did, it would only be to like 222, and then i’d go right back up a week later. it was ridiculous and it made me feel quite hopeless. in fact, i’ve spent the last 6 months jumping from 223-230… completely unable to break past that barrier and starting to get bitter about it.

and now i’m sitting pretty at 217… with every intention of losing more, thank you very much. i’ve lost 13 lbs since starting this diet 2 weeks ago. 13 lbs! and all because i gave up bad carbs in exchange for the good ones. i’m thinking of joining curves next week. i want a place i can go to work out without being harassed by the dogs or by Nick. Nick insists on weighing in every single time we do. “oh, i didn’t lose any weight!” he exclaims.  (he’s barely 40 lbs… and almost 6 years old.)

mike is still sitting at 229. he needs to lose 7 lbs by the end of this month (um, tomorrow) to be down 50 lbs from where he started last september. so that puts him at 42 lbs lighter this year! he feels glad to be out of the 230s finally, although he was only there for like a week and a half (big jerk face.)

i spent all of 2007 AND 2008 in the 230s. ha.

getting so much closer to being non-obese and just overweight, too. the next goal is to be down to 210 by october 15th. totally doable.



  1. i can do math. he’s down 43 lbs. 🙂

  2. You seriously go girl! I am so proud of you! And sorry about the pink eye and crap, that sucks….for real!

  3. awesome girl

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