Posted by: angelnorman | October 2, 2010

halloween 10, part one

In trying to get ready for Fright Night, I have road-tested some easy (and cheap!) projects for you to do to spookify your house. First, let’s start with the pumpkin silhouette votive.

It’s super easy to make these; it just requires:

-black cardstock (heavy duty)
– 18 guage wire
– a votive holder (I used these that Nick and I had made two years ago)

Martha Stewart has the rest of the directions on her site, which you can find right here. Here’s my proof that it works:

… at least a little. 🙂 I packed my votive with sand (Well, I didn’t have actual sand, so I improvised and used moon sand). I was concerned about fire too near the paper, so I used a blinking LED tealight. Safety first, people.


While we’re working on Martha Stewart crafts, here’s another one from her archives that I made. It’s the easiest craft, just takes a while to cut out your bats. A cricut or a punch would probably make quick work of this. I used a slightly different bat template that I found googling “bat silhouettes”, but Martha’s is just fine too.

All you need is more black cardstock (or construction paper), a steady hand with scissors, and some tape to affix your bats to the inside of the shade.

Here’s what I made…

and this picture was just too cute to not share…

Oh that Nick.


And in the first pic of the pumpkin votive holder, you may have noticed that I replaced one of my family pictures that typically adorns my entertainment center with a print out of the first stanza of “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe. Well, I’m quite obsessed with blacks birds/crows/ravens this year, so when I came across Katydid and Kid’s Crepe Paper “Nevermore” Wreath, I HAD to make it. I just had to!

Here were the supplies I started with ($4.50 at my local dollar tree)…

and here is the finished result hanging on my door…

I love the birds!



  1. You are the greatest mama I have seen tonight. I used to love doing crafts for my family. You will provide Nick with many stories for his little ones in years to come, sweetheart. luv you, nanners

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