Posted by: angelnorman | October 4, 2010

halloween 10, part two

Some more spooky decor…

I traded out my family silhouettes for a more spooktastic version. I took the top photos on my vacation to Savannah three years ago, where we had happened to visit Bonaventure cemetery for the history and beauty of it. I love statues, architecture, history, and gravestones… anything old and with a story. We spent an entire hour walking around that cemetery and snapping picture of gravestones we thought were pretty. It was nice to be able to have a use for them now!  I edited the photos from that vacation and made them black and white, printed them out on regular paper, and stuck ’em in the frame. The same thing happened with the ravens and my Edgar Allan Poe picture. They’re just print-outs.

Above you will see the supplies needed for the next project, another one of those I found on the web and thought, “Hm. I could make that easy peasy!” All you need is:

-two large glass cylinders that fit inside one another
– a couple of bags of plastic skulls (or you could use creepy crawlies, wormy fishing lure, gummy worms, plastic or candy eyeballs– it’s really your choice)
– a little bit of webbing (and some tape to hold it in place)

All of the above cost me $6 at the Dollar Tree.

And this is what I got out of it…

Note: I used real candles in this, tealights to be exact, as there is no webbing IN the same cylinder as the candle. Be careful and watch these carefully if you use real candles in them. Make sure your webbing is nowhere near the flame, and I would also feel it and make sure it’s not getting too hot on the outside. (I’m very careful with real flames, and watch my candles/tart burners/etc often.) My cylinders and webbing got a little warm near the sides around the flame, but the bottom and top remained cool and I let them burn for an entire two hours. There was no need to worry. If you like the look but don’t want to have to watch a candle carefully, or if you have small kids, the Dollar Tree sells LED tealights  in packs of 4 I think, and of course, they’re only $1.

For more skulls, I came across this AWESOME way to dress up those semi-tacky glittered skulls from the Dollar Tree. At Rook No. 17, I found a lovely tutorial on how to make something quite whimsical and sweet of those glittery skulls! May I present my versions:

$3 and I have something lovely on my table for Halloween. These dudes (the sailor, the joker, and the gentleman) sit pretty AND guard my remotes on this lovely silver tray that I’ve had for years. Love them, and loved the tutorial (even if I didn’t follow it to a T; mine came out cute enough for my tastes.)

And one more thing…

Don’t forget to include your bathrooms when decorating. These easiest way to do that? Martha Stewart has some great templates for ghost patterns that you can put all over your mirrors. 🙂 This one is in Nick’s bathroom:

All in all, my Halloween decor has cost me about… $30 total. I’ve had a blast using my craftiness (and my glue gun!) to make some fun decor for Nick. He loves it, too, and has already requested that we change his birthday party to a Halloween birthday party so that everyone can come in and see our spooky house 🙂 I think we may too. There’s nothing that says I can’t have his party two weeks early!



  1. I love, love, love your Halloween decor! I’m a huge fan of Poe, so I especially dig the wall art vignette! I love what you did with the glitter skulls! Thank you so much for the shout-out! It made my day! Warmest wishes, Jenn/Rook No. 17

  2. i think you should leave it up year-round! lol

  3. Thank you Jenn. I loved being inspired by yout, so of course I’d give you a shout-out 🙂

    Tiss, I have considered it. 🙂 Love ya!

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