Posted by: angelnorman | October 21, 2010


things i am loving these days…

1. cool mornings, warm afternoons
2. the smell of baked apple pie throughout my home
3. Tresemme’s new dry shampoo
4. thoughts of Christmas
5. knitting-weather
6. the colors of autumn in my backyard
7. funky blue nail polish
8. soup
9. reading (or re-reading) classic books, like The Bell Jar (which I finished in two days), Pride and Prejudice (which I’ve read three times since 2008) and Wuthering Heights (which I just started.)
10. the actual color purple, it’s everywhere!
11. the fact that i’ve not died from lack of eating candy corn (i’ve had a whopping 5 pieces of it all fall).
12. i’m back to 210… just in time for the weekend.
13. i feel like a real grown-up– i have my first parent-teach meeting tonight, and i’m stoked.
14. boatnecks!
15. pea coats, but then i really always love them…
16. 70 degree weather. 70 is the perfect temperature. not 69, not 71. just 70.
17. all the inspiration i’ve provided others– two people now have told me that they were inspired to try to lose weight after seeing me drop 20 lbs in the last month and a half. knowing that i’ve inspired someone to get healthier makes me feel better than actually losing the weight. well, almost.
18. wearing my pajamas all day and not caring. i even went to the dollar store in pj’s the other day.
19. anything and everything french. nick and i have even been talking to each other in french. “bonjour mon ami!” he says to me. (that’s about as far as we go. bonjour is his favorite word in all of the world, i think. much to my dismay, he does not love spanish as much as he does french, so alas, this was not inspired by me as i took spanish in high school– all the way to level 4, thanks. michael took french, and he taught nick a few french phrases and he loves the way it sounds. my dream is that one day he’ll move to paris and i’ll be able to justify jet-setting to europe for the holidays.
20.  Pantene shampoo for fine/thin hair



  1. the bell jar is one of my repeat classics too. along with the catcher in the rye. pretty much read them both once a year. 😉

  2. I have always adhered to the saying: The best reading is re-reading. I find that re-reading things I read at a much younger age, say, in high school, often teaches me more than it did then. Maybe it’s because I can relate better to the content now as an adult? I’m not sure, but I love to re-read things.

    I had never read The Bell Jar, and I enjoyed it. I have read Catcher a least 6 times since 9th grade– it was on the recommended reading list for the summer, and I found an old copy of it in the thrift store down the street from my house. I didn’t like it much, but I read it. Then I re-read it like two years later and I LOVED it. Funny how re-reading does that, huh?

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