Posted by: angelnorman | December 6, 2010

Christmas for Christ.

Yesterday I posted about how my heart wasn’t into Christmas, and I told you a little bit about why. I thought maybe some of you would want to see what I’ve been reading/watching. So look here:


In deep thought last night, a voice inside of me said, “One thing at a time.”

I realize I cannot do it all overnight. I cannot change 30+ years of family traditions. I cannot demand that others follow my lead, change their minds overnight, or cater to me and my beliefs. But I can start small. I can start with one little thing and then slowly grow to more things until Christmas looks like what I think it should look like again. I can feed a kid this Christmas and have one less gift under our tree. I can sponsor a child. I can give and give knowing full and well that I will also gain– maybe not in material possessions, but most definitely in spiritual blessings.

I can win back Christmas for Christ. I can. And I will.


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