Posted by: angelnorman | December 15, 2010

winter amongst other things

Reasons to love winter:

1. Getting bundled up in sweaters, plus wearing scarves and hats and mittens.
2. Wearing pajamas every day and using the excuse of ‘bad weather” to avoid even leaving the house.
3. Snow! (I love to watch snow fall about as much as I love to watch wood burning in a fireplace. Which is to say, I love it a lot.)
4. Christmas, which comes the same time every year whether you’re prepared for it or not. (And I’m not, but I am starting to dislike it a little less.)
5. Many chances to be thankful for things like heat, lights, food, money, clothes, and family.
6. Eating a cookie (or two or three) every day because “it’s just that season” for baking.
7. The way the air burns your lungs.
8. The stillness of nature. There are no leaves on the trees to blow and shake in the wind. Everything is quiet, calm, and waiting for spring to bring new life.
9. Kids in big bundly jackets with rosy cheeks. It is really precious.
10. Kids waiting patiently to hear whether or not school has been cancelled (and I’ll admit that even I get a little excited when schools are closed for the day!)


they’re calling for  a winter storm tonight in my neck of the woods– an ice storm. i vaguely remember our last ice storm and how difficult it was to even get around town, so i’m sort of not looking forward to that kind of wintry weather. i don’t mind the cold, a thin sheet of ice in our parking lots, or the snow falling. but i don’t want to drive on icy roads or lose power or anything like that. i’m terrified that i’m going to wake up in the middle of tonight and it’s going to be like 58 degrees in my house. (well, that wouldn’t be the worst thing since 58 degrees feels downright tropical compared to, say, 20.) but you know what i’m saying. right now it’s 70 in here, and i don’t want to lose that.

nick lost his first tooth this weekend. i went to my friend kristi’s on friday night after having one of those, “omg i have to get out of here right. now!” moments, and i stayed there until 1:30 AM. i know! i was shocked too. about ten minutes after i got home, nick woke up complaining about his tooth “going up”, which meant pushing forward, whenever his tongue touched the back of the tooth. so i did the ol’ “let me feel it”, and i wiggled the tooth forward like he said and i could see the pit in his gum, the “hole” where the tooth grows from, starting to bleed.

mike woke up after ten minutes of me trying to coax nick into just letting me pull it. “seriously with the tooth again?” he asked me. he hated that i’d been wanting to pull it for the last week, but it’s been seriously loose AND bothering nick. he was eating on the side of his mouth for pete’s sake! it was time to just pull the dang thing.

so in order to get my way, i asked mike if he could do the pulling since i “needed” a big strong man to do it for me. he obliged and after two wiggles, the tooth came loose.

“that’s ’cause i loosened it up for you,” i told him, all the while knowing i had tricked him into just doing the dang thing. (i am sneaky when i want to be.)

nick had already jumped up and ran to the bathroom to check out his new grin in the mirror. he was ecstatic. and then, the tooth fairy came BEFORE nick was even asleep, blowing his mind with her magical prowess. “she must be invisible!” he said. “’cause i heard the bag moving and when i checked, she had already taken my tooth and put money in there!” he completely tried rationalizing it.

as much as i hate lying to him about things like tooth fairies or santa claus, i did like tricking him and then listening to him explain it all in a complete “i have to rationalize this, otherwise it’s crazy” sort of way.

i made the switch from tooth to money as i was putting him to bed. i just took the entire baggy and switched it for a baggy of money. it was easy. but i got away with it, see, because  i told him to just lay real still so that he didn’t knock the baggy with his tooth out from under the pillow and down onto the floor. “she might not find it then,” i had warned. of course the tooth bag was already in my pocket by then, tho he didn’t know it. so when he came into my room twenty minutes later, he was all kinds of excited while explaining to me that he wasn’t asleep but that he never saw her, he only heard her. and he thought that maybe she only shows herself if she thinks you’re asleep.

“maybe!” i said.

“i just can’t believe this!” he said.  “and she gave me five whole dollars!” it was adorable how excited he was about it all.


christmas begins saturday for us. that’s two days away. yikes.



  1. Love this and I love the snow falling on the page!

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