Posted by: angelnorman | December 26, 2010


Christmas was a blur of wrapping paper, ungrateful children, and eating until I felt I might pop (and one night, I actually did pop, but I think that had less to do with food and more to do with the  liquor). I made sure my husband and kid was taken care of, and then I did for others as I could. Everyone who was closest to my heart got something from me, so that was lovely, as it’s just not christmas unless I can give some gifts. Nick was a royal pain in the ass, saying stuff like, “Oh. That’s cool. Where’s the next present?” and “This again?” when he opened his 3rd hot-wheels related gift. I may or may not have snapped at him, using a choice word about his presents, on Christmas Eve. Later I had to explain that he hurt my feelings by acting like the stuff I bought- and spent oh, $200 on- was not good enough, and then every gift he opened afterwards was met with no emotion whatsoever for fear that he might be displaying the wrong one. So you know, that was just a bummer.

I pretty much stayed mad at Mike for three days. Mike wanted to go and spend more money, something we have short supply of right now, on himself. You know, after I used my money to buy him a $400 christmas gift. And oh, please ask me what he got me. Nothing but stocking stuffers. Which is exactly what I asked for, because one- I don’t need anything right now and two- I didn’t want to use our last few dollars on something for me. But Mike was fine with using the money on himself… and it made me feel like he didn’t appreciate anything I had done up to that point, either.  Like really? The playstation and the game you’ve been wanting forever isn’t enough? You still want more?! Really?!

It is always more, more, more around here. But then, they are children, one in size, the other in heart.

And then I checked the mail on Christmas Eve and Jimmy’s sponsorship information was there. And my heart leapt into my throat and I said, “I did get something for Christmas after all.” I got Jimmy. Of course, I don’t get to keep him. I don’t get to hold his hand or feed him dinner or give him hugs… but in a way I do. I feel really close to him, and knowing that he’s out there and that he needs me and I’m able to help him is a gift in and of itself. So that’s nice.

I got my new plates from my mom. Just white Corelle ones. Plain jane, like me. And I got a digital picture frame, $50 to use at TJ Maxx/Marshall’s/HomeGoods… and I got some cash.  We got way more $$$ than we deserved, in fact. Like enough to make up for the fact that I bought Mike a playstation. Of course, $75 of that is Nick’s. And the rest is totally mine. Mike can suck it. 🙂

And with my $, I’m buying myself new bedding. And then I’m sending some extra $ Jimmy’s way.

In the end, Christmas turned out to be pretty decent.


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