Posted by: angelnorman | December 27, 2010

Resolutions I can live with

1. To devote more time to God and Godly pursuits in the coming year.

2. To get- and stay- into at least a size 14.

3. To exercise more and eat better and enjoy life more.

4. To find a church home.

5. To eventually stop smoking. 🙂 (Can you tell I really kind of don’t want to do this?)

6. To appreciate the little things more.

7. To feel better.

8. To focus on what is important to me and to eliminate everything else.

9. To realize that just because so-and-so isn’t happy, it doesn’t mean that I can’t be happy. You can’t please everyone. This is a fairly hard-to-follow concept for me, the people-pleaser that I am. Some people are just always going to be miserable and I don’t have to let them drag me down with them anymore.

10. Be less of a packrat, more of a financial saver 🙂

11. Craft more.

12. Write more.

Twelve resolutions, twelve months to accomplish them.


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