Posted by: angelnorman | December 29, 2010

i don’t have a title, but thanks for asking.

Now that Christmas has drawn to a close, I am living in what FlyLady calls CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome). The trees are still up, one stocking hangs mockingly from the faux-mantle (my kitchen doorway), and there is stuff everywhere; my head hurts just looking at it. This is why I say that I would rather have gift cards and/or cash as Christmas gifts– we have an over-abundance of “stuff” and not enough storage. We could use the money more… perhaps to buy shelves to store all the stuff people insist on buying for us! Or you know, to pay bills. Or copays for our doctor appointments…

Right now my boys are sick. The little one has been sick since Christmas Day. He woke up coughing, incredibly congested, and with watery eyes; this has gone on for days, and he has had no appetite whatsoever. I’ve had to force him to eat, even things like peanut butter and jelly sammies, which is his favorite food! So you know he’s sick if he’s not eating something he loves. Then the bigger one, Mike, woke up yesterday feeling run-down. I didn’t think much of it, because I myself have been run-down. I haven’t made it through a day since Christmas without taking a nap. Like I literally have to nap, or I feel like I will just fall out. Then napping leads to late nights, and sometimes I don’t get to sleep in much… So, yeah, we’re all thrown off around here lately. I figured Mike and I were just experiencing a tiredness from all the holiday running and such. Well this morning, he woke up with a fever and I insisted he make an appointment to see the doctor. At first they said Mike had the flu, but then they retracted that because he’s not really coughing. His strep test came back negative, so the final diagnosis was “a bad virus” (different than a good one?) and he was given some antibiotics for the upper respiratory infection he will most certainly get if this virus gets any worse. I am still treating him as though he has the flu and quarantining him to our bedroom. He’s not complaining though; he’s got his BFF Nyquil, so he’s happy. And very much asleep.

I want so badly to whip this house back into shape, but like I said, I’ve been kind of run-down and feeling blah lately. And of course, I’m having to play nurse/maid/waitress to my sickly little lovebugs. It’s taking its toll on me, that’s for sure. But I will keep on trucking and realize that I am only one person and I can only do so much.

Besides, nobody would come over anyways, even if I invited them. Who wants to come to a house full of sick people? I don’t even want to be here, much less invite people to come join me in possibly getting a viral infection. I thought about having a little gathering Friday night to play games, eat snacks, and pray in the New Year, but now I’m thinking I probably 1) won’t get my house cleaned enough for that and 2) would rather no one come over just in case either of my boys (or you know, me when I eventually get sick and let’s face it, I WILL get sick before this is over) are contagious. I’m not being antisocial! I’m only looking out for my loved ones here!

You’re welcome.



  1. As usual, you did a good job with your blog this time. I’m sur that isn’t all of it though. We are so glad you all got to come over Christmas Eve. We enjoyed having you all so much. And glad your friend, Michelle, came with you, but I still wish you hadn’t left that money. If I had needed it, it would have been different, but I sure had more than enough to feed one extra person. lol Tell her that all will be forgiven if she promises to not do that any more if she decides to come back to see us another Christmas. Okay, keep up the good work. And I think I am going to star me a blog in 2011. I may have to have help from you though. okay? luv ya, Angel face. Nanners

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