Posted by: angelnorman | January 6, 2011

Toys? Pfft.

Nicholas has been having a rough week. Several nights ago, he woke up crying and spent about 3 hours trying to “cope” with some outer-ear pain. The little flappy bit that protects the ear canal was sore to the touch and the entire outside of the ear was red and he claimed it was “aching”, so much so that he couldn’t even lie on that side of his head without the pressure being too much. Oh, he cried and cried. For hours. We tried everything- a warm towel to lay on, a dose of his nighttime meds, and lots and lots of snuggling. I even had him in my bed with me, so I could constantly rub his head, back, belly, and even scratch his butt (the Normans are big fans of cheek-scratching!) for him, but nothing would work to calm him or help him sleep. Finally the acetaminophen kicked in and he slept (in his bed) peacefully.

The next day, his ear was fine. I watched him all day, waiting for a fever or a sign of any ear issues, and he had nothing. I was on the phone with Kristi who was once a dental assistant, and she said, “Has he got his six year molars yet?” I told her that at his last appointment, he had one molar arriving, so she had me check and sure enough, on his left side, the other molar had already broken through AND the top one was a tiny spike of a tooth that no doubt had been causing all of the pain and heartache the night before.

It pays to have professional friends. If anyone knows of a fertility doctor, a pediatrician, and/or a veterinarian I could be BFFs with, please let me know.

But this whole week has been rough on Nick. He still has what he calls “the coughs”. We just can’t seem to shake that mean ol’ cough or his friend, mr. head congestion.  We’ve had to get back to a normal schedule for school, which in itself is rough because no matter how much Nick missed school, he loves his DS much too much to want to leave it all day. So between being sick and having to get up SUPER early for school, Nick has not been having a good week. He needs a nap like every day but of course he can’t take one because then he’ll be awake till 11 or 12 every night.

Today when he came home from school, he asked first thing to play the Wii. I said no, of course. Then he asked to play his DS. Again, no, he may not. He has a zillion Christmas toys that I spent all of yesterday finding a home for in that room of his, so I told him he should play in there. He stomped around like a wild person till I told him if he kicked my wall once more, I would kick his DS straight into the trash can, and then he went into his room and said, “What am I supposed to play with in here?” I told him he could play with any of his toys. “What toys?” he cried. I told him any of his toys again, only this time with a bit of a yell.

So a few minutes go by, and I hear very little from his room. Maybe he’s asleep, I thought. Then a few more minutes go by, and I hear him gtting things out of his cleaned closet (great) and he comes to me and says, “Look where I am!” So I turn around and there he is… in his collapsible laundry hamper.

$200 spent on random toys for Christmas, and that’s just our part. Another $200 worth from other places, I’m sure, is all neatly incorporated into his toy storage bins and closet. And what does he choose to play with?

A hamper.

Kids are so crazy. Praising Jesus I only have one today.


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