Posted by: angelnorman | January 8, 2011

jan 8

Question: Is there a smell more divine than onions (or shallots, in this case) and garlic saute-ing together in perfect harmony?

Is saute-ing not a word? My spell checker won’t even recognize saute by itself. Hmph. (Hmph is also not recognized, so you know.)

Anyways, the answer to the first question is no, at least from my point of view. It is simply heavenly. Makes me want to hop in the pan and bathe in it. Okay, not really, but it does make me hungry and that’s important because I’m making my signature white bean and italian sausage soup in time for some football today. I can hardly wait to scorch my tongue (it is always so super hot when it’s done, but, like, I simply cannot wait for it to cool and I always end up with a burnt tongue after eating it. It’s totally worth it though.)

I have busted my own balls this week on getting organized in the “outer rooms”, i.e., my bedroom, Nick’s bedroom, the office, the laundry room… Anything that isn’t in the main hub of where the family spends its time. So far, I’ve completed everything but the laundry room and the office. The office is half done. The laundry room needs A LOT of work. Basically, I need to do what I did to the bedrooms and just take trashbags into each place and dispose of half the stuff that’s in there. It’s all junk. You know, the other day, I left Nick’s room with two bags of toys to donate to the Goodwill. I simply did not care what was going into the bag– if I haven’t seen him play with it in a while, I threw it out. I left mine with 2 bags of clothes– all my clothes, none of that was Mike’s. I won’t touch his side of the closet. That’s his job, which he’ll never ever get to because he’s 1) lazy and 2) completely unaware that he doesn’t wear half of the things in there. I mean, he seriously wears the same four shirts all the time. Why keep the other 50 he has stuffed into our side of the closet? I don’t know. Mike says I’m the packrat, and I am A packrat, but I’m not the biggest one that lives here. That award goes to him. Anyways, I did the same with my clothes– if I haven’t worn it in six months, it left.

And if it was a size 2x or a size 20, it is gone too. WOOT. Never going back!

Okay, some of my 2x’s I had to keep, ’cause I’m still a size 18. But I got rid of a lot. And it felt dang good, let me just say.

It will probably bite me in the butt though because despite the days I worked out this week, I have gained weight… no doubt thanks to a visit from my kind and generous Aunt Flo. She arrived with a vengeance on Wednesday, a whopping 46 days after her last visit, and man, did she seem mad at me. Not only did she vex me with an unusually high, um, volume, but she also made sure that I ruined as many pairs of underwear as possible, if you know what I mean. And if that’s not enough, she has made me crave chocolate like nobody’s business. It has been rough. Like, the worst one I’ve had since the miscarriage episode, to the point where I wondered if I was anemic (Probably am). But that’s okay, because now it’s the weekend, and things are simmering down in that department. I’m slowly coming down off the raging hormones and snippy attitude I’ve been displaying. I’ve apologized profusely to Michael for my behavior, and like a good husband he said, “What crazy behavior?” Oh, you clever, clever boy. And I’ve been trying to make it up to Nick by letting him play his DS whenever he asks.

One day at a time, that’s all I can do.

Alright, the soup is calling to me. I can’t resist the garlic.


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