Posted by: angelnorman | January 19, 2011

I have learned what it is in my last blog that’s missing from my life so far this year: creative expression.

All day long I’ve been fighting the urge to go out and buy new curtains and pillows for my living room, which for me is one of the many ways I choose to express myself artistically– home design. I found some a couple of weeks ago at a local store for really cheap, comparatively. They weren’t necessarily my style but they were more me than the current throw pillows on the couch, which Mike won’t let me do without even though he typically hates “embellishment” of that sort. Five hundred pillows on the bed! He’d sometimes murmur as he was climbing into our made-up bed. Ridiculous.

I’d pretend not to hear his complaints because 1) this is MY house and he is just allowed to live here and 2) he has no idea about style and 3) see #1.

But he likes the ones on the couch because the arms of our couch are skinnier now and not comfortable enough on their own to lounge upon. So you see, he needs pillows.

However, being the traditional, down-to-earth girl that I am, I hate our geometric print pillows and they have got. to. go. Need to replace them with something a little less masculine, a little more me.

I’ve been thumbing through some old Domino mags I have on hand. I miss that magazine, even though I never really loved it so much. Certainly not as much as I love Better Homes and Gardens, which I realize is very Granny of me. But I did find a lot of inspiration in the pages of Domino, and so I’m glad I retained 4 copies from 2006 to look through, even if their featured things are out-of-fashion now. Like I’ve ever cared about that, though.

I need to do something crafty here. I need to come up with some way to express myself without simply blogging, as I can scarcely find the words to even make any blogs.

Someone needs to light a fire under me so I can accomplish something good today.


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