Posted by: angelnorman | January 27, 2011

life lessons, volume 2

1. When somebody says they’ll do something for you, don’t listen. People don’t just do things for you without expecting a heck of a lot in return.

2. You should always make sure to include a little “breathing room” into your budget. Otherwise, you’ll bounce a check. (Like I did yesterday. Awesome.)

3. Keep your nose in your own business, and when people try to pull your nose over to their business, tell them your nose needs rest and to leave you be.

4. Don’t let people blame you for something someone else did just because you’re there and they feel like taking out all their frustrations on you. Just ignore those kinds of people, or fight back. But whatever you do, don’t just take it and enable their behavior.

5. Speaking of enabling– if you need something every single day to “function”, you’re addicted. I’m not talking about eating, or drinking water. Those are necessary to survive. But eating craptastic, carb-y food? Smoking cigarettes? Drinking diet cokes? Yep, addicted.


I feel like crap on a cracker this week. Seriously, crap that was just eliminated from somebody and then picked up and spread onto a cracker. Like a wheat thin, and not a regular saltine, to let you in on the visual that I have right now. It started Monday, when I got sick to my stomach and had to rush home and throw up, for no apparent reason. Month after month, I experience these bouts of sickness and not a single one of my doctors can tell me why. Am I already diabetic? Is that what’s happening to me? Sometimes I worry, because no one is bothering to look into this situation and I’m sick to death of feeling as sick as death multiple times a month.

Life wears me out.

So yeah, I bounced a check yesterday. MY BAD. It was an online payment, so not a technical check… but I was hit with a huge NSF fee and now I’ve got like $7 in my bank. You guys, I was only short $19 for the payment, and I honestly? thought it had already cleared so I didn’t even think there was an issue at all. But the weird thing about all this is that I had a dream about a week and a half ago that I went in the hole on my bank account. And in the dream, I was flipping out ’cause it got down to $-300 or something… and then BAM! in reality, it happened. Only except it was $-19… and instead of just rolling some money into my account from savings, I let it go since you know, we get paid tomorrow, and instead of letting me just be negative dollars, they recalled my last payment, which gave it back to me, and then they hit me with a fee that took all of it back. Thanks a lot, a-holes.

I have no idea how bad that’s gonna look on my credit report/financial record/whatever that matters when it comes to these things.

This week has just really sucked. And as far as I can see, it’s not getting better anytime soon because guess what I just got in the mail yesterday?

A $300 electricity bill.


Which would make me… $-293, assuming I didn’t get paid tomorrow.

Dreams do come true! I am living proof.

Taking the kid to the dentist today to have them look at his teeth situation. He’s got teeth growing in on top of teeth… like a shark, he’s got two rows of bottom teeth almost. (okay, so really he has only  two teeth growing in behind two baby teeth that aren’t loose yet, and the adult ones are pushed waaaaay back, so I’m worried, as usual, and just want to be reassured that my kid isn’t messed up somehow. Like, being half-shark). I hope it doesn’t cost anything, ’cause I can’t pay them, hahaha.

Suck it, life.


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