Posted by: angelnorman | January 10, 2009

Sometimes I wish I weren’t so nice

So I could break some faces.


Me: When Mommy and Daddy have another baby, will you be happy or sad?
Nick: Happy.
Me: You will? Aw! Will you love your little brother or sister?
Nick: Yes. My brother.
Me: Oh! Is it going to be a boy baby?
Nick: Yes. Or two girls.

Wat the? I’m thinking he knows something I don’t.

He also promised to change all diapers (even poopy ones) and look at the pictures in all of his books with the new baby. Then he said that he wanted to watch Wall-E and Mo with the baby, and that the baby would think Wall-E was funny too. He’s very into growing the family with us. He’s going to be a fantastic big brother.

And um, I’m sort of hoping for another boy. ❤



  1. Awww What a sweet future big brother!! I am hoping for a boy for you too. Girls are a handful x 2. haha

  2. I was about to tell you that you should really hold onto that polaroid, because they’ve officially stopped making the film.

    And then I was like, wait. That fridge looks familiar. And so does that costume. And that mess on the floor. OH! Thats my house. But I don’t remember you dragging around a polaroid camera…..

    you totally had me fooled.

  3. hey! ok, maybe I’m slow, just want to make sure I haven’ missed anything, so are you pregnant? Or just planning? Like I said, wanted to make sure i didn’t miss anything. That was so sweet of Nick! I bet he will be a great big brother!

  4. Amber: I’ve heard about girls and their “handfulness”. Thanks for hoping for a boy for me too.

    Ems: Yes, Poladroid for the win.

    Charlene: Not pregnant yet, just planning and trying. We’ve been actively talking to Nick about it to prepare him. We figure the more we involve him in all of it, the easier it’ll be for him to handle no longer being the only person in my lap one day. 🙂

  5. Make sure that baby doesn’t have a mouth. (in Nick’s opinion) LOL

  6. Make sure that baby doesn’t have a mouth. (In Nick’s opinion). LOL

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