Posted by: angelnorman | May 1, 2008

mother’s day blabber

It’s only May 1st, but the Mother’s Day dread is starting up for me. I’m completely clueless about what I want to get mi madres, and yes, that’s pluralized. I have three women to buy/create for each Mother’s Day and since my husband is absolutely no help when it comes to what his mom and stepmom might like, it’s up to me to come up with something on my own.

I’ve got an idea about my mom’s gift, but only because she said to me, “I want this for Mother’s Day” while holding what she wanted in her hand and shaking it at me. And I feel good about it because what she wants is a few selections of the THERE bath luxuries product line from World Market, namely this one. And according to that page, it’s all made of natural ingredients and there’s no animal testing– also it smells really good– so I approve of this gift in many ways. I intend to build my gift around this.

But I can’t do that for the other two. That’s unoriginal and besides, one woman’s treasured scent may be another woman’s idea of garbage, so I can’t risk everything on that either. So as I said, I’ve got no idea what to do for the other two.

As for me… if my husband remembers it at all, what I’d really like is a gift certificate to Tangerine, a salon in the ‘Boro. I want a facial, and they’re an Aveda spa and will use good quality products that won’t kill me. I also need a brow waxing as mine are out of control. And a haircut sounds nice… and… and…

But anything will do. I like sentimental things more than anything else in this world, so I’d gladly give up the spa for a day full of lots of kissies and hugs and “thanks, mama”-s. Mike would have to be a miracle worker though to get Nick to comply with all that.


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